Hi there!

I’m a Senior SQL Solution Architect and Principal Consultant for a global IT company by day, aspiring (but broke) Forex trader by night, and this is my blog where I plan on waxing lyrical about Microsoft’s SQL Server, Business Intelligence and the ICT industry in general. In particular I’ll share my observations, thoughts, hints, tips, tricks and traps around architecting highly available and scaleable SQL based platforms.

I don’t plan on blogging that often because (a) I’m time poor, and (b) most answers that budding SQL DBA’s or SA’s seek are freely available on the net (refer to my Resources page) … but I will offer my insight and experience from time to time in an effort to add to the body of work out there.

I live in Sydney (Australia), don’t have a dog named Jack, but do like piƱa coladas (just ask my mate Simon). I enjoy writing scripts that automate, I try to work smarter not harder, I am by design a creative problem-solver, love to show businesses how to leverage technology to give them an edge, and I admire those that play a musical instrument and those that care for people less fortunate than most (the sick, infirm, disabled and the elderly – yep, sad to admit but that’ll be me one day).

I’ve been playing with databases since the late 1970’s when I coded up my first database app on a Tandy TRS-80 using ISAM and B-Tree techniques in Basic for the local Little Athletics organisation (yep, showing my age now!). I’d been building S100 bus computers before that, experimenting with D/A interfaces and robotics for fun. Then I migrated to writing an elementary DBMS in C under Berkley Unix on mini computers, toyed with Informix under Unix, then moved on to coding apps in Basic and C for the CPM & MPM operating systems on micro computers, then on to IBM PC and IBM-DOS & MS-DOS in the early 1980’s as part of a pioneering team that coded a client/server bulk billing app for a national medical firm (I was responsible for the multi-user ISAM DB, replete with my own concurrency and locking techniques). I assisted with porting the app to Cobol for a TI mainframe and a micro computer. After a short stint experimenting with DBase (DOS) and other DBMSs (DB/2 on IBM mainframe) I migrated to SQL Server 1.0, where my first install was on to a proof-of-concept (POC) OS/2 platform (using Token Ring) for a leading Australian Bank circa early 1990. I’ve been using SQL Server pretty much exclusively ever since (with minor forays into MySQL) and have watched it grow from a wanna-be corporate DBMS to the kick-ass enterprise-ready power-platform it is today. Now, if I’d only bought stock in Microsoft back in the day …


PS/ You can read more about me on LinkedIn