Free eBooks on SQL Server from Microsoft

Microsoft have been generously offering free eBooks for quite some time (since 2006 as far as I can see) on a wide range of topics and technologies. This includes SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016, and relevant topics like Power BI, Machine Learning, Azure, Windows Server 2012 R2 (with it’s support for Dynamic Quorum & … [Read more…]

Is SQL 2016 Basic Availability Groups a replacement for Database Mirroring?

In my opinion, the quick answer is “not quite” – not even with the release of SQL 2016 SP1. Let me explain … SQL Server 2016 was released to manufacture in June 2016. With it came the highly anticipated Basic Availability Group (BAG) HADR feature in the Standard Edition, with ‘regular’ availability groups (first found … [Read more…]

Business intelligence – emerging trends for 2016

Business intelligence continues to be one of the fastest-moving areas in the enterprise. It is a fluxing landscape, with Big Data, cloud services, predictive analytics and data science continually innovating spaces that feed BI. Not only is the technology moving fast, the techniques used to drive adoption and get value from data are multiplying exponentially. … [Read more…]